Arte de los Brazos at Possum Kingdom Lake – April 11th – April 18th 2015


Saturday, April 11                                  10am-4pm

Sunday, April 12                                         1pm-4pm

Monday-Friday, April 13-17               2pm-4pm

Saturday, April 18                                  10am-4pm


Awards Presentation

Saturday, April 11                           11am

Wine Tasting At The Gallery

Saturday, April 11                         11am-4pm  – Times Ten Cellars Winery

Saturday, April 18                         11am-4pm – TBA

Wine and Design – Uncork Your Creativity

Thursday, April 16                        6pm

This is an event in which artist and non-artist can participate.  The price is $40 per person (limit of 25 participants).
Bring your wine or beverage of choice and “Visit – Drink – Create”  If interested, you may register by going to